Calen Fosseway

Third son and former squire of a noble family of fair estate, newly ordained Cleric of the Great Church and hungry to travel the worlds.


Lawful Good Level 1 Cleric
Human (Midrealm), Medium size, Male, 25 years old, 5’9", 165 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin.

STR 11 (0)
DEX 8 (-1)
CON 15 (
INT 14 (2)
WIS 15 (
CHA 18 (+2)

HP 10
SPD 30
AC 13 (Armor 3, Dex -1)

FORT 4 (2Base/2Con)
REF -1 (0Base/-1Dex)
WILL 4 (2Base/2Wis)

AB 0
CMD -1

WPN Heavy Mace
(1d8+0 damage x2 crit, +0 Attack, Bashing)

WPN Club
(1d6+0 damage x2 crit, +0 Attack, Bashing)

Acrobatics: 0 = 1 (Dex)
Appraise: 0 = 2 (Int)
Bluff: 1 = 6 (Cha, MINISTER bonus)
Climb: 0 = 0 (Str)
Craft: 0 = 2 (Int)
*Diplomacy: 1 = 6 (Cha, MINISTER bonus)
Disable Device: NA
Disguise: 0 = 4 (Cha)
Divine Ritual: N/A
Escape Artist: 0 = -1 (Dex)
Fly: 0 = -1 (Dex)
Handle Animal: 0 = 4[N/A]/6
with Terak, his horse)
*Heal: 1 = 5
(Int + Healing bag)
Intimidate: 0 = 4 (Cha)
*Knowledge (Arcana, Planes): N/A
Knowledge (Dungeoneering, Engineering, Geography, Local, Nature): N/A
*Knowledge (History, Nobility, Religion): 1 = 3 (Int)
*Linguistics: N/A
Perception: 0 = 2 (Wis)
Perform: 0 = 4 (Cha)
Profession: N/A
*Ride: 1 = 0 (Dex)
*Sense Motive: 1 = 3 (Wis)
Sleight of Hand: N/A
*Spellcraft: N/A
Stealth: 0 = -1 (Dex)
Survival: 0 = 2 (Wis)
Swim: 0 = 0 (Str)
Use Magic Device: N/A

Languages: Freespeak, Common, Dwarftongue, Cymbric

Turn Undead
Selective Channeling
Mounted Combat

Armored (-1 armor penalty)
Minister of the Gods (+1 Diplomacy/Bluff involving religion)
Turn Undead: Use in place of Channeling. If Undead fails DC 15 Will save, flees for one minute.
Channeling: All within 30 ft receive 1d6 healing unless specified otherwise by Selective Channeling feat; for undead, causes 1d6 damage instead.
Aura: Reads as “Good” to any who can perceive such.
Domain Powers:
-TRUTH: Can cast Zone of Truth 1/day
-GOOD: Grant +1/2 cleric level (min 1) as a bonus to Saving Throws, Skill checks, Ability checks, Attack checks, up to 3/day, for 1 round, to any ally touched, or self.
Spellcasting: Can cast spells.

0: 3 (DC 12 resist)
1: 2+1 (DC 13 resist)

Armor (Studded Leather; 3 AC, -1 penalty, 20 lbs)
Heavy Mace (8 lbs)
Club (3 lbs)
Healer’s kit (1 lb)
Holy symbol, silver (1 lb)
Spell component pouch (2 lb)
Cleric Vestments (6 lb)
Explorer’s outfit (4 lb)
Good meals x7 days
Inherited ornate military saddle (
2 to ride/handle animal with animal wearing it, +2 to remaining in the saddle)
Heavy Warhorse (name of Tarek)


Before I was born was Mardon. Before Mardon was born Gareth. Gareth, of course, was named for our father, Gareth. Mardon, in turn, was named for our mother Sera’s father, Mardon. I, in turn, was named for her brother Calen. She wished desperately for a daughter, as did our father, as too many sons are a drain upon an estate. To the first son goes the principle of property; a small tithe of it to the second son, which splits the land irritatingly, unless he can win greater land by steel – which is what my brother Mardon endeavored nobly in time – but to the third, there is either destitution for the family by a thirding of property, or a desperate hope he finds work disinheriting him from properties of name.

They stopped with their third born, for even though a beautiful daughter from a noble house would grant them wealth and unity with other homes, they felt the Gods did not wish a daughter upon them after three times they’d been denied. So my brother Gareth was exalted in the eyes of our father and our mother; he was already astride beast when I was born, and by the time I could run after horse he was already comfortable upon his own and settled into his path of life.

Mardon was four years my senior, and himself three years younger than Gareth. Sera, our mother, was not well-suited to childbirth and required a great deal of rest between granting us. My own birth, in addition to an omen of her daughterless life, was painful in particular and required a considerable effort on the part of a Priest’s care. Perhaps this, they would later attest, explained my inclination. For I as a child was given to imagination and fancy, a favoring that pleased my mother greatly and somewhat soured my father’s musings.

(more incumbent)

Calen Fosseway

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