Kaeso Juventius Vitalis

Praetorian from Phthyanopolis


Kaeso is a Praetorian officer who was assigned to lead an investigation into the murder of a Senator’s wife. He had been an officer for all of twelve days, with no real experience in giving orders. He is an excellent swordsman and an obedient and loyal officer. He is clever but not cunning, and he is eager to test himself. He seemed a bit overzealous during the investigation, and as an officer commanding foreigners, he acted brashly, domineering over the party.

During the later stages of the investigation, the party and Kaeso were transported deep into Aegyptus on the heels of the murderer. While attempting to return to Phthyanopolis, Kaeso ran afoul of a group of monsters and was turned to salt.

Kaeso Juventius Vitalis

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