Lugizar Trantos

Ex-Explorer and recovered madman





Lugizar Trantos is a former member of the Explorer’s Society. He lost his mind after a lengthy expedition into the Chuul Expanse. He discovered an ancient magic there, which he brought back to the Free Kingdoms and sold to a museum in Archemaine. He then, in his insane state of mind, attempted to return to Chuul, for an unknown or undisclosed reason. Along the way he caused so much trouble shipboard, the captain had him put ashore. He was soon arrested and sentenced to work on a sugar plantation on the isle of Marcina. Unfit for even those duties, he was taken (sold) to the Holy Church of the saints, where eventually he was tracked down by the Team. He has joined them in an effort to discover the nature and origin of the artifacts he brought back from Chuul.

Lugizar died in an act of ambush and revenge in the streets of Porto Mavros on Astypalaea. This was his last gift. His body was later dissected for the components to a magic treasure map, the rest of the remains buried at sea.

Lugizar Trantos

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