Lydia Trevor

Orphaned noble girl


Lydia’s family was slaughtered in a political land dispute. Her father, Sir Dillon Trevor, was appointed lord over Trevor’s Hold by Lord Bertrand Finesmith of Witheridge. The keep was isolated, high in the Withered Hills. Sir Wilfred Sinfredson, feeling slighted by Lord Finesmith, sacked the dilapidated holdfast, killing every soul within, women and children included. By the smallest sliver of luck, Lydia was able to hide in the guarderobe, until she was able to make her escape under the darkness of night. Her father, knowing the keep was lost, had given her the family sword, beseeching her to avenge the family when she was of age.

Since that day, less than a year hence, Lydia has fled west, until she was ‘adopted’ for a brief time by Team 37 of the Grand Expeditions Project. She is now fostered with the family of one of the team members, and resides at Fosse Keep. Lord Fosseway is now sworn protector of this 13 year old girl, and keeps a vigil eye out for any Sinfredsons who may intend harm on his ward. Lydia has been receiving training in martial weapons, and has become a squire-in-training.

The Trevor heraldry is the hare, salient. Hare salient


The following is an addition to the above information:

Lydia all grown up

Lydia Trevor, on the day of her 14th birthday, succumbed to the curse of the lamp, and was taken into the Palace of the Lamp, where she was stuck for 42 days. When it spat her back into the world, she was deposited in the City of Phtyanopolis, the capitol of the Phthyan Empire. All she had was her training armor and her father’s sword… and a bitter desire for revenge. To her dismay, she discovered that the lamp had deposited her back in time, over seven years before she’d been sucked into it. Hope glimmered inside Lydia, for she realized that she could travel home, and subsequently warn her family of their impending slaughter.

Alas, poor Lydia was in a terrible and strange country, literally penniless. She refused to sell the family sword, and at once took to the streets to try and find some means of returning home. She barely even knew where her home was in relation to this new, and evil, city. But she was able to hide for a while, begging for food. She quickly discovered there were no familiar churches to her pantheon. Instead, she found cruel clerics, dedicated to strange and vengeful deities. She found no succor at the churches in Phthya, and quickly became distraught and forlorn.

A year passed this way, Lydia scrounging like a rat in the streets. During this period, a duo of vile men assaulted her, stealing her sword and raping her. This event scarred her forever, and she spent the next four years tracking down these two men, stealing for a living, then selling her body as a prostitute in one of the numerous sex houses in Phthyanopolis. True to the nature of their evil ways, the men who had ruined Lydia frequented one of these brothels, and Lydia found her way into it as a courtesan. By now she had blossomed into a woman, and the man who had possession of her family sword did not recognize her. Lydia convinced the man that she was the whore he wanted that evening, then ensured that he was thoroughly exhausted. Then, as he man slept, Lydia went to the belt draped over a nearby chair, and drew her family sword, then murdered the man. She dressed, and slipped into the nearby room where his accomplice had been likewise entertained, and she slew that man as well. The courtesan within screamed for help, not understanding what was going on, and in her blind terror and unthinking rage, Lydia killed the prostitute as well. She fled through an open window and escaped the city, a price now on her head.

Knowing time to save her family was short, Lydia stowed away on a merchantman ship she believed was heading to the Free Kingdoms. She was discovered by the crew just three days out, but the captain was kindly enough, and told her she could work for her passage. The ship was indeed bound for the City of Venchenzia in the Realm of the East, but it took a circuitous route along the Caspian Sea, and it was a long 9 months before Lydia stepped foot back onto the soil of her homeland.

She found herself in the most unusual city of canals, and most of the bridges employed steep tolls in order to keep the impoverished in place in the lower class portion of the city. Lydia, still terribly stricken by the ordeals in Phthyanopolis, decided not to return to the life of a whore, but instead would use her training as a warrior to earn her way home. Being barely 20 years old, she found it very difficult to escape the traditional sexist attitudes of the men of Venchenzia, and was unable to attain enough cash to leave the city. Distraught, and feeling hopeless, Lydia began the suicidal lifestyle of fighting in the slave pits. The pay was much better, but the life expectancy of such a combatant was very short. Fortunately, a man who frequented these arena fights saw her, and noted the skill and promise in this attractive, if not hardened, young woman.

Cavalieri Nicolino Scrovegni di Venchenzia, a knight and master at arms for La Scuola Bernoulli dell’Est, a local swordsman school, invited Lydia to participate in the classes he taught. He did not wish to see such a beautiful woman and accomplished swordsman die in those barbarian pits, so he took her under his wing. Lydia, once they were better acquainted, begged Nicolino to help her get home to save her family, but the Cavalieri could not believe in such fantasies as magic lamps and traveling back in time. He insisted that she stay with him and focus on her martial art, and then when she was ready, he would pay for her way back to the Midrealm himself. She could have her revenge then.

Lydia did not wish to settle for this plan, and she did her best to flee and return home. Unfortunately, Cavalierei Scrovengni had taken her onto the island at Venchenzia, and there was no way off save swimming or stealing a boat. In fact, Lydia did attempt to steal a boat, but she was apprehended and imprisoned for seven months. She was branded a thief, the letter T on he right shoulder blade. By this time, Lydia knew she would never be able to travel to her home and save her family in time. Instead of sinking into a depression, she redoubled her training with the Cavalieri, who begrudgingly took her back. He did not do so out of kindness, but because he wished to parade her around as his “creation” and to show the world, or at least the swordsman communities, that a woman could indeed become trained master of the sword in Venchenzia (As Madame Veronica Ambrogia had done with her academy in Ferrara).

In the fourteen months that have passed since, Lydia has seen her 22nd birthday, and has earned enough coin to leave Venchenzia and travel home and back again several times. She and Nicolino have become lovers, though it is a passionless relationship, purely physical. Lydia has buried all passions other than the fierce need to improve her skill to ready her for her revenge. She is stuck here, and in some ways afraid to move on in her life. If she did travel home and murder those responsible for the crimes against her family, she would likely be completely lost, having accomplished the only driving goal she has ever had.


A missive from Father Calen ultimately caught up with the party, informing them that Lydia had vanished without a trace. Dorak urged Iz’alma to perform a card reading, and she informed the rest of the group of her findings.

It was very soon after this that the group encountered Lydia, crying into her cups in a low tavern in Venchenzia. Lydia, continually abused by her trainer, had finally had enough, and she foolishly challenged him to a duel. Dorak swore to make things right, to be the one foretold in Izzy’s reading. He accepted the position as Lydia’s Second for the pre-dawn (and very illegal) duel. He pushed Lydia against killing her former sword master, and in doing so, reminded her of the training she’d had back in Midrealm. She won the duel, and left Nicolino with an impressive scar. As she had nothing left in Venchenzia, and nowhere to go, she reluctantly readily agreed to join the party on their quest.

Dorak wrote a return letter to Father Calen, letting him know of their discovery, and of Lydia’s fate.

Lydia on The Westering Moon
During their journey on The Westering Moon, Captain Timolf was impressed with Lydia’s skill at arms, as well as her experience working shipboard. He had need of replacements to his crew after the trials they’d been through, and Dorak and the others convinced the captain to take Lydia on as a new hand. Despite her being a woman, Timolf hired her on, and she finally found some peace in her heart, being at sea with decent people. It seems that for the time being, Lydia’s thoughts of hatred and revenge have subsided. The party left her in the hands of Captain Timolf and the crew of The Moon, hoping these events would bring about lasting change for the troubled woman.

Lydia Trevor

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