Maeven Morganrote

Fiery Cymbrian Ship's Captian




Maeven Morganrote is known by Maeve by her friends, and The Red Bitch by her enemies. She is captain of the Corvette known as Miranda’s Siren, a ship capable of war, but primarily used to transport cargo and dignitaries from the Free Kingdoms to the Crimson Seas and back again.

Miranda s siren

Known for her fiery spirit, this Cymbric lass captured the Siren when the girl was a mere 16 years old, and has held her valiantly in the seven years since. Her crew of 120 follow her orders, and those of the commanders, seven men almost religiously devoted to their captain.

Maeve has a reputation for being fair-minded, yet quick to anger. Should one find themselves on her bad side, they may expect to take a long walk off a short plank and find an even longer swim in store for them.

Maeve has a small dragon that follows her most everywhere she goes. The little golden thing sits atop her shoulder most times. It is rumored she won the thing (she named him D├Čleas, which means ‘faithful’) in a bet from an old wizard, and the dragonette has been her companion and defender ever since.


Maeven Morganrote

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