Master Ervain of Littlehollow

Pixie chronicler for the Grand Expeditions Project.


Fey (pixie) chronicler for the Grand Expeditions Project.



Ervain left the Fey Wood a century ago. He was outcast by his kin after an encounter with a mortal tainted him and stripped him of immortality. Since that day, he avoids the wilderness whenever possible. He has become accustomed to living amongst the mortal races, and loves the freedoms and luxuries afforded him in cities.

Unfortunately, being tiny and freely maintaining invisibility has made him an invaluable spy, observer, and recorder for the Grand Expeditions Project. He does not like to spy, and has refused such missions, costing him prestige within the Project and the Explorers Society. He feels that his assignment to Team 37, placing him on the road and into the wilderness, is punishment for his refusals.

Master Ervain of Littlehollow

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