Prince Dmitri

Grateful Prince of Potsin, Carpathia


Prince Dmitri of Potsin was having trouble conceiving a child with his wife, Princess Varvara. Dmitri was dedicated to overcoming the dilemma. To that end, he had his scholars, sages and wisemen tasked to solving the problem. He was impotent.

When a remedy was found, the discovery of a magical 9-foot holy phallus statue, he was bent on possessing the relic. As the course of events turned, Dmitri and Varvara (who’d accompanied her prince on the dangerous journey) ended up escorting the statue to its new home in the temple at Bozhskii, a small town east of Potsin. During the journey, Varvara became pregnant, and is due to give birth soon.

During the course of her great adventure, Prince Dmitri and Kumori became comrades. The prince considers Kumori’s strength and devotion to be instrumental in the success of his goals. He has given Kumori and open invitation to his palace at Potsin, and has promised to name his child after Kumori, if it is boy.


Prince Dmitri

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