Sir Colin the Brave

Paladin of The Great Church


Born in Cymbryll, Colin Coates was the fifth son of Laid Cyril Coates. He was raised with his older brothers and taught the ways of the warrior until is thirteenth birthday, when at a holy festival, he became impressed by a holy warrior of the Great Church. Colin had found his calling.

He was inducted into the Paladins of the Great Church when he was seventeen, and dedicated his life to the Church. In the last decade, he has seen many lands, been stationed across the Free Kingdoms, and defeated many vile plots and evil-hearted men.

He now is resides in Gran Rio, Espagia, where he works as a protector of the town, and serves the Society of Elders, the town’s local council. He was recently sent as the bearer of an emergency missive to the Duque of Alcazar Toledo, to enlist their aid regarding recurring goblin raids against their town.

Before he could deliver the plea for aid, he found a cursed coin which distracted him from his mission. He was killed trying to recover the cursed coin, and lost his first gift. The Ceremony of Life removed the curse, and after a brief atonement for his transgressions while cursed, he resumed his mission. [2/11/1333]

Sir Colin the Brave

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