Sonoda Kumori

Kumori stands five feet eight inches tall, with an athletic build. He keeps his face clean shaven, and wears his hair in the traditional topknot style worn by the Kaidanese nobility.



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Kumori is the direct line descendant of Minamoto Yoshitsune, the great hero of the Gempei War. On the day of his manhood ceremony, the shrine priest received a vision from Hachiman in which Kumori stood over the crumpled, headless body of the undead shogun Taira Kiyomori. On his nineteenth birthday, he left Kaidan in the company of his kinsmen hunting after the key to defeating the Taira bakufu. Somewhere along the way during their travels, one of his companions purchased the Lamp of Abu Al Mubarak in a marketplace in Bagharid on a lark, not realizing the impact it would have on their collective fate.

Kumori was dragged into the lamp during a battle with giants in the mountains of Marak-Dun whilst seeking clues in their quest. He spent a decade in the impossible palace, and returned to the world to find that a thousand years had passed. He has determined that his imprisonment in the lamp was the work of Fate, and that it transported him into the future for a reason.

Kumori plays the Biwa.

Sonoda Kumori

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