Wise Brother Eustaquio Ebron IV

Artificer and Master Wright of the Koraketh


Master Wright Eustaquio’s lineage can be traced to the founding of the town of Ebron, as well as the founding of the Guildhall of Korak there. “Stocky”, as his friends call him, has been a cleric of Korak for almost as long as he has been a smith and craftsman. Throughout his eighty-some years, he has practiced a myriad of crafts, and is known for his armor and weapon smithing, jewelrymaking. His works in leather and bookbinding can be found in noble houses and royal halls throughout the world. He has earned an unprecedented ten Golden Laurels, and is one of the most recognized craftsman in the world.

He was Guildmaster of the Makers of the Toraketh until recently. At the last Great Festival of Korak, he surprised the crafters community at large by stepping down from his post, claiming failing health due to age. He now is content to teach at the Universidad de Toledo, at the Ebron extension, and perform community service out of his home church, the Stony Sept, Guildhall of Korak, also in Ebron.

“It is the fool who believes himself above work. It is the greater fool who works to no purpose.”

- from the sermons of the Most Excellent and Venerable Master, Wise Brother Grathor Twicecut, Supreme Maker and Master Wright of the Guildhalls of Korak.

Wise Brother Eustaquio Ebron IV

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