Yasutoki Hōjō

Kaidanese General


Yasutoki_H_j_.jpgPresumed long dead, Yasutoki Hōjō was the general who responded to the Prophecy of the Wheelbreaker. He was responsible for the clandestine search and recruitment of Sonoda Kumori, then just a novice Samurai who lived in a small, rural district of Kaidan. But the rebellion in Kaidan was losing its battle against the wrathful ghost-warrior Taira Kiyomori, who ruled the land as Seiitai-Shogun. He felt the savior, this Wheelbreaker, was their only hope.

If Kumori is to return and defeat the undead nobility, he will somehow need to return to Kaidan, at a time before it was destroyed. Presumably, hopefully, Hōjō will be found, and will render aid to the Wheelbreakers, when that time comes.

Several years after Kumori’s departure, Hōjō sent out scouts and spies to the western lands, to deliver the message that the war efforts had failed and the lands of Kaidan were doomed.

Blue Beak was one such messenger, who had also become cursed by the same lamp that had captured Kumori.


Yasutoki Hōjō

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