Abu Al Mubarak's Ring

Wearer is never without a home


Aura strong conjuration; CL 14th
Slot ring; Price 16,000 gp; Weight -

Once per day, precisely at sunset, twenty feet directly in front of the wearer’s current position, this simple brass and lapis lazuli ring automatically casts Mage’s Magnificent Mansion. The doorway will remain a shimmering portal for one hour, or until the wearer of the ring passes through it. The mansion will remain for 24 hours, until the moment before the next sunset, or until the ring wearer leaves through the front portal. When he does so, or when the spell expires, all creatures and their belongings that remain inside the mansion are violently expelled through the portal (this may include the ring bearer if he is inside when the spell ends). Anyone shunted back to the material world in this manner takes 10d6 points of physical damage (Reflex Save DC: 21 for half damage), and all will be deposited prone in the square adjacent to where the doorway had been. Note that this is not falling damage.

The floorplan of this mansion was set by the ring’s maker. It opens to an isolated set of chambers in the mythic Impossible Palace, within the Lamp of Abu Al Mubarak. This lush Albadian suite is fashioned after a Sultan’s dream chamber. The semi-transparent servants are all bedecked in an ancient style of the Al’Baid culture, and the food served consists of wondrous and exotic Albadian delicacies.

This ring is, by its nature, cursed. The ring can not be removed from the wearer’s finger while she is alive, when outside the mansion. The ring may be removed freely while within the mansion, but the door may only be opened by one wearing the ring. This wearer does not need to be the one who wore it when the mansion was most recently called into being. If the duration expires while no one is wearing the ring, the ring magically appears on the finger of the person who was wearing the ring when the mansion came into being.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, mage’s magnificent mansion; Cost 8,000 gp

Abu Al Mubarak's Ring

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