Not quite your typical horse


Agrapin is a horse. Well, it is a steed in any case. It is a heavy horse, but has some unusual features. One of his eyes is overly large and vapid. His other eye is smaller and feline, and possesses an otherworldly perception and intelligence. His front hooves are cloven, yet his rear hooves are not. He is stronger than a normal heavy horse and can pull the weight of at least two of his normal equine counterparts.

Agrapin (Агрипин) is a Rüs form of Ionian Agrippas, meaning “wild horse.”



Agrapin was purchased (or traded for) by Eulummachus, and they have bonded well in just a short period of time. The steed does not mind work, for which he has been trained. He also shows the gentleness of a well-loved animal. Agripin is combat trained as well, it seems.

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