Al'Murik's Wondrous Bowstring

Magical Bowstring


This wondrous bowstring fits any bow, but not a crossbow. The owner must string his bow and leave it strung and in their immediate possession for seven sunrises. After that time, the string and bow are attuned to the owner. This magical bowstring, unlike ordinary strings, may remain strung to the bow, without it or the bow suffering any strain or damage.

After the string is attuned to the owner, whenever the string is drawn back, an arrow appropriate to the size of the bow appears nocked between the wielder’s fingers. This arrow may be of any type the owner possesses, such as sheaf arrows, blunt arrows and the like. The arrows fired from any bow to which this string is attached are considered magical, but do not themselves have any bonuses to hit or damage. They disappear upon impact, whether they hit the intended target or whatever they may strike when they miss.

If this string is attached to a Masterwork bow, it confers the +1 to hit, and will work with any magical bow, bestowing the appropriate bonuses to the arrows it produces.

Finally, when attuned, this string confers its swift readiness to the bow’s wielder. Readying the bow is considered a free action, as if the wielder had the Quick Draw feat, usable only on the bow to which this string is attached.


Al’Murik was a great warrior-mage, and was said to have made a thousand and one such strings. It is rumored that some of his magic bowstrings conferred other properties to the bows to which they attach, such as flaming arrows.

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Al'Murik's Wondrous Bowstring

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