Battlemind Locket

Item of shared prowess


This amulet is a locket, and grants special abilities to the wearer and the subject depicted within the locket. The locket allows its wearer to cast battlemind link once per day, and will affect both the wearer and the person whose portrait is contained within, as long as any range limitations are observed.

Inside the locket lid is a small, sharp protrusion. If a person pricks themselves and the injury draws blood, the portrait within the locket will transform into their likeness in one minute. Thereafter this person will be the target of the spell, no matter who wears the locket. The portrait may only be changed once per week.

Caster Level: 14 (range: 95 ft; duration: 14 mintues), usable once per day.
Aura: moderate divination magic


Battlemind Locket

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