Blindfold of Darkvision


When worn across the eyes, this blindfold grants its owner darkvision 60’, but the wearer must cover their eyes to wear. This means the wearer is effectively blind in bright light.

Tying the blindfold upon one’s head and activating it is a full round action. Pulling it up (to uncover the eyes), once it is in place is a move action. If the eyes are uncovered, covering them again is also a move action, but the blindfold must be already worn and active.


This was taken from an evil Faerie, called a Bogeyman. It is unknown where he found the item.

There are a few rumors regarding magical blindfolds. One is that they are part of a set of torture regalia, the blindfold, the gag, and the choker – all given magical properties in order to allow the master, the one with the matching cat-o-nine-tails, absolute control over his slave.

Another legend states that these blindfolds can be used to perceive other things, such as magical auras, or life auras, or even good and evil auras. It is unknown how to activate these powers. Simply wearing the blindfold activates the darkvision ability.

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Blindfold of Darkvision

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