Drokari Henna Tattoo

Magical temporary blessings


These elaborate tattoos bestow temporary magical properties. The application takes three hours, and must be completed by a qualified Drokari Mamī (witch). The spell effects bestowed are chosen at the time of the ritual, and once the patterns have been applied, they last until the henna of the tattoo wears off. These specific designs, because of their magical nature, tend to last much longer than ordinary henna tattoos. As such, instead of lasting one to three weeks, the Drokari tattoos last 4d6 +20 days.

Typical spells woven into the designs are:

  • guidance (the spell replenishes once per round, the benefit used only once per round)
  • resistance (the spell replenishes once per round, the benefit used only once per round)
  • http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/spells/resistance.html#_resistance (written magical script touched)
  • comprehend languages (applies to any written language which the wearer touches, only as the script is being touched)
  • erase (written script touched)
  • know direction
  • undetectable alignment

and many more…

Additionally, these tattoos may be applied to an unwilling subject (Will save DC: 10 +1/2 character level +applicable Ability Modifieer + Spell Level). If the save is successful, the Mamī may not attempt to create another tattoo on her victim until 24 hours has passed.

The tattoos may be drawn onto any body part, as long as there is enough bare flesh available. The body slot uses is appropriate to where the tattoo is placed (boots slot for feet, gloves slot for hands, etc.)

Drokari Henna Tattoo

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