Drokari Token

Enchanted bracelet/anklet betokening tribal friendship


This simple braided leather bracelet holds a small brass token denoting friendship with the Drokari Clan of Halflings who dwell in the Drokari Wilds of Kushar.

The item may be worn on the wrist or ankle (occupying the appropriate magical slot). When worn, it provides the wearer with protection as if here were under the effects of an endure elements spell.

The tokens may be imbued with other spells and/or properties.

It is a great honor to be bestowed such a gift. The communications (gossip) network of the Drokari is strong, and every Drokari Guru and Chief knows the litany of those rare outsiders who have been given this honor. Thus, if one has not earned the rights of the token-bearers and ventures into Drokari lands, it is likely their lives will be forfeit, so strong is the honor of these fierce little people.

Drokari Token

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