Gedensay Clan Gypsy Scarf


A violet and gold hued silk scarf of gypsy design. The scarf may be used as a belt, a sash, a head wrap, or can be tied around the wearer’s arm.

■ When worn, it confers a +2 competence bonus to all Bluff and Profession (Fortune Teller) skill checks.

■ Additionally, twice per day, the wearer may call upon the magic of the scarf to aid in further increasing the accuracy of their fortune telling. After ten minutes of divination, they will gain insights about the target of their reading, as per the augury spell. The caster level is 10, therefore there will be an 80% chance of an accurate divination (as per the spell).

Metal Scarf (ability)
Three times per day, you speak a command word as a swift action to imbue this scarf with the strength of steel without altering its weight or flexibility. Each round on your turn, you can decide to use the scarf to defend yourself (gaining a +2 shield bonus to your Armor Class) or to attack with the scarf’s bladed edges and razor-sharp fringe. 

If used as an attack, the scarf has a range of 10 feet, attacks as a +1 weapon, and deals 1d8+1 damage (you may not add damage bonuses for high strength). There are no penalties for non-proficiency, and you may use Weapon Finesse with this attack. You do not threaten an area with this weapon and cannot use it to make attacks of opportunity. When used to attack, the scarf is considered a two-handed weapon. If used as a one handed weapon, the scarf has no reach, and its damage is reduced to 1d6+1. You may not perform combat maneuvers with this scarf. 

Each use lasts for 1 minute (10 rounds). When activated in this fashion, the scarf temporarily loses all other magical properties. 


Gedensay Clan Gypsy Scarf

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