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Blade of Asmodeus

weapon (melee)

Magical Silver Dagger, made of hundreds of layers of folded silver.

Radiates strong necromantic magic. Radiates a strong aura of evil.

Bestows one negative level on any good aligned being when in their possession.

Other properties unknown.


Gift takerThis vile dagger’s blade bears the makers mark of Minamoto Yoshichika, a long dead Kaidanese weaponsmith who was famous for crafting vile weaponry for the Emperor. His most famous weapons were known as Raifusutīrā, or Life Stealers.

The hilt and pommel of the dagger have been added to the blade somewhat recently. They are not of Kaidanese manufacture, but instead seem crafted in the style of the Western Free Kingdoms. Whoever refitted this blade had to have knowledge of the kind of magic the blade possessed. They had to open the enchantment, remove the former handle, and replace it with a specially crafted and enchanted kit. Then they had to skillfully re-close the enchantment. The weapon remanufacture was even more difficult than the original enchantments bestowed upon the blade. It is estimated that a high ranking wizard or cleric to an appropriate evil deity, such as Asmodeus, would have been needed to even attempt such a daunting and powerful task.

The exact properties of this blade are still unknown. It was used in assassinations where the victims were not able to be raised via the Ceremony of Life ritual.

Additionally, when its owner, Pedro the assassin, died… his soul was seemingly destroyed by the blade, and his body and non-magical organic items withered to dust.

When Kumori held the blade in his hand, it emitted a shrieking wail, or call, that only Kumori could hear.

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