Idol of the Afrik Temples

Displaced sentient artifact just wants to go home


This artifact radiates overwhelming magic of transmutation magic, all other types of magic are overwhelmed.

The idol shows an elephant-headed man with a lion’s mane and a round belly. He is dressed in a kilt of fish scales, parted to show his enormous crocodile tail, tipped with a wasp’s stinger. Course fur runs along his back and arms, and his hands end in powerful, pudgy fingers. The base of the idol is decorated with a pattern of animal shapes. Some vanished language is carved within those patterns, leading to clearer inscriptions along the idol’s edges. The whole work stands over two feet high.

Its witnessed properties include animal domination, and animal summoning, although the summoning is not a conjuration effect, but in fact a teleportation effect. It can summon animals from its home region to its location. It can also call natural animals to itself from the surrounding environment, and was witnessed to call all manner of gulls, fish, sharks, dolphins, octopus and even whales to it. As well, these creatures all seemed to be in league with the statue, coming to its defense.

For a time, it had dominated the loyal animal companion of one of the passengers on board, a warhorse, whose mental link with its master was broken during the idol’s domination of the steed.

CL: at least 18th to 21st. Weight: 200 lbs.


Once nestled in its long forgotten temple, this animal totem was worshipped by primitive Afrikans for eons. But the centuries have been unkind to the statue, and as its savannah home turned to uninhabitable jungles, the native population migrated, leaving behind the forgotten temple and the sacred idol housed within.

In recent times, a group of adventurers hired by the proprietors of the Blakros Museum to obtain any long forgotten relics of the tribes of Afrik. These adventurers combated the statue’s allies, the natural animals in the surrounding environment until the mage in their group was able to neutralize the idol by suspending its consciousness, putting it into a slumber. The adventurers crated up the statue and sent it north, along the Afrikan coast and into the Aetheyan Sea, headed for the Venchenzian port so it could be shipped inland to Archemain in Midrealm, the home of Blakros.

The transport ship ran afoul of some pirates, and although they did not lose their cargo, they took damage, and had to dry dock for a month to get their ship repaired. During that time, they decided to offload their cargo, placing it into the custody of the World Trade Consortium to arrange delivery to its intended client. The WTC arranged passage aboard The Westering Moon. Several days after the crate containing the idol was aboard the moon, the idol was somehow awakened. It summoned several of its animal allies to become its eyes and ears. The idol had no idea it was on a ship, for being packed inside the crate, it was blind and deaf. Unfortunately, the animals called to the ship were disoriented and frightened, and attacked crew members. Eventually, the crew decided, with the help of some passengers aboard The Moon, decided to end the terrible attacks, they would dump the thing overboard.

The idol was grateful to be out of its crate and off the ship. Presumably, the sea creatures it had called to it have now transported it back to its Afrikan home. Its actual current location is unknown. It is also unknown the reach of the idol’s magical effects on creatures, or its summoning abilities.

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Idol of the Afrik Temples

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