Ki Token

A monk's most valuable coin.


Ki tokens come in many forms including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and very rarely as weapons. They will add 1 ki for every level of the possessor. A fifth level character would have an additional five ki added to their normal ki pool total. A person who is not aware of their ki will not notice any change. Ki token The ki token will be very durable though and will not break under normal circumstances even if made of a very fragile material. An Oriental Monk will be able to detect a ki token on sight and will feel drawn to it. This does not mean that they are involuntarily compelled towards the item but that it will seem to radiate a contentment and warmth to them.

The token’s ki will regenerate at a rate of one per day once used.
If the wearer takes it off and gives it to someone else it will decrease to the wearer’s level immediately, or increase to the level of the new wearer at a rate of one point per day.

Ki Token

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