Kiaven's Javelin

Magical Javelin

weapon (ranged)

Magical Javelin
Aura: Moderate divination

This masterwork javelin has a durable steel head, and a finely crafted wooden shaft. The wood of the javelin is cherrywood, oak, and alder, in decorative alternating bands. It has a solid metal core that runs the entire length, butted at the end with an elaborate pommel-like cap. This cap has an ornate engraving on its end, resembling that of a wax sealer.

Cian felt a slight tug, or urging, from the javelin, toward a tree he had recently tested his throw against.


Falko’s Bardic Knowledge check revealed the following: Kiaven was a huntsman of great renown. He was said to have slain over ten thousand animals in his lifetime. He had a brace of six finely crafted javelins, each reputed to have its own unique special abilities. The six weapons, over the centuries, have been separated, an no one knows the exact locations of them all.

This javelin may well be one of the Kiaven’s six.

Father Calen believes he recognizes the seal-end’s symbol as being that of the House of Hurst-by-the-Water, a prominent yet isolated noble family in the Midrealm of the Free Kingdoms.

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Kiaven's Javelin

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