Magum Staff


+2 Spell Storing Staff of Intensification

Additionally, the user may cast the shield Spell on herself as a spell completion. This expends one stored charge. The staff has a maximum capacity of 50 charges, and may be recharged by any caster who has the Craft Staff feat.

This staff also acts as a Rod of Lesser Metamagic, Intensified Spell.


This Ironwood staff was crafted by the Phthyan Magum (sorcerer), Stellicus Torvus over a century before his final death. A lucid pellucidus (crystal) is worked into the head of the staff, the strong ironwood wrapped around and protecting the tough gem.

When a spell is stored within, the pellucidus glows a ghostly white luminosity – which glows with the radiance of a candle.

It came into the possession of Sapphire when she was but a novice sorcerer, the dying gift of her mentor, the Witch of Deeplake Woods.
When it was first given to her, Sapphire knew it only as a magical staff that she could use offensively. Over the years, Sapphire has found this staff has additional properties, and has unlocked some of its secrets.

To date, she now knows how to:

  • Imbue the staff with an offensive spell that she can use to harm an opponent she strikes
  • Draw some of the staff’s inherent magic to draw forth a magical shield of white energy that protects her from harm
  • Channel and intensify the energies of magic cast through the staff, boosting the damage of her offensive spells.

Given time and experience, Sapphire is certain that she can learn to use her beloved staff in even more exceptional ways.

Magum Staff

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