Onyx Companion


Price (item level): 12,000 gp (varies) Body slot: – (held) Caster level: 11th Aura: Moderate transmutation (DC 16) Activation: standard (command) or special Weight: 1 lb

This ornate statuette is three inches wide by two inches high and depicts a Kaidanese horse, complete with saddle. It radiates no magic until such time as a character who possess an animal companion touches it. The character is now cursed, as is their animal companion. The statuette gives the animal companion the acquired Companion of Wrath template.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item animate objects, nondetection Cost to Create: 6,000 gp


Kumori discovered a small figurine of agate that is the spitting image of his animal companion, Kaminari. This statuette was among the treasure given to the party by Posadnik (mayor) Vysheslav Danislavich of Pogost Vel as a reward for sending the demon Phoenix back to hell, and for raising the curse that had been set upon the Pogost.

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Onyx Companion

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