Heirloom Katana

weapon (melee)

Legendary +2* Mithril Katana (bypasses DR/silver)
Ghost Touch Undead Bane

Satori has the following modifications:



This katana was forged by master Keiji Fukugawa, folded of steel and mithral, bound together to create a master Samurai’s weapon. This family heirloom, named Satori, has been passed down thirteen generation, father to eldest son upon taking his warrior’s oath. It was last given to Sonoda Kumori, who had been honored with a great prophecy. Kumori was destined to travel beyond the islands of Kaidan upon a world-impacting mission.

Once beyond the mists surrounding Kaidan, the weapon, its true powers previously inert, blossomed into a deadly, undead slaying blade. It seems the curse that lies over Kaidan like a sickbed blanket also keeps the magic of the blade from functioning (although its mithril and masterwork properties still function normally on Kaidan). Or perhaps, it is suspected, once the curse on the islands is finally lifted, this blade is intended to slay those who cheated the Wheel of Life, and will be used to put them all to their final rest.

In an encounter in a small fortress in Carpathia, Kumori beseeched Saint George the Pitiless, also known as Wolf George, to aid the party in slaying a demon who had drawn the attention of one of his followers. This worshipper had been tasked to cull the evil from the town, and thus he started killing possessed children, rather than seek out the demon responsible. St. George has no love of Kador’s minions, and bestowed a blessing upon Satori, allowing the blade to strike past the demon’s defenses. As a side-effect of Wolf George’s magic, Satori now cleaves through weak opponents as it culls them, allowing it to strike again if it fells the weakest amongst its wielder’s enemies. (These abilities will not be diminished while in Kaidan)

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