Shield of Tinel


+1 Spellguard Heavy Steel Shield

Shield cost = 20 + 150 MW + 2250* (+1 1/2 item enchantment cost: +1 Magic (+1) and Spellguard +1/2) =

Cost: 1420 gp

*Base price for +1 1/2 bonus is 2250 gp


Usually the standard issue shield to the Mage Guard of Tinel, this solid metal shield is is laquered in black and gold, and embossed with the golden key holy symbol of Tinel.

These shields confer status amongst the Inceptors, and ready accommodations and guest-rights are given the bearers of these prestigious shields by most Tinelites. The facing and declination of the golden key denotes the alignment faction to which the Holy Warrior or Cleric belongs.

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Shield of Tinel

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