Skylark Statue

Golden relic dedicated to Urian


The Skylark Statue are magical statuettes crafted by the finest sculptors of gold in the realms. They are typically solid gold, with special ores and other additives included which allow for the specific rituals required to enchant the item. A special rite of enchantment is performed over each statue, the details of which are a protected secret by the church of Urian. The statuettes all have nearly the same properties, but may vary slightly, due to the needs and/or demands of the individual shrines for which they are specifically crafted.

A Skylark Statue is required for the Ritual of Sanctification (Sanctify Shrine), to create a shrine dedicated to Urian. Its presence modifies the time and korba requirements when dedicating a shrine to Urian. Tradition dictates its use, and such shrines cannot be sanctified without a statue (It is included in the ritual scroll for the Urian Sanctify Shrine ritual). The statue does not need to stay within the shrine, the shrine will continue to be sanctified even if the statue is removed. Typically, larger shrines will loan out their Skylark Statues to the sister shrines under their sponsorship, and once the new shrine has been successfully dedicated and sanctified, the statues are returned to the mother shrine.

These statues quite valuable items, if for nothing more than the gold value of their composition.

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Skylark Statue

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