The True Compass

Never Lost Compass


This fist-sized compass has two latches, and two small hinged openings. The first, on the face of the golden compass opens to reveal the compass itself. This compass will always hold true north, even in regions of misdirection or other confusing or obfuscating magic.

The second compartment opens to reveal a small hollow area, 3 inches round by one inch deep. Anything placed in this compass may be accessed by any other such compass. This space is most commonly used to pass written messages or other small items. It is known that any material other than paper, parchment or cloth might foul up the magic of the compasses, and render them temporarily non-functional (all properties).

There are five known compasses at this time, although eight were thought to have been made, one for each of the eight primary and secondary compass points.

One is now carried by Kumori, and one is in the possession of the High King of the Free Kingdoms.

The location of the other three are known only to the office of the High King.


CompassThis compass was given to Kumori by High King Durante Torregrossa, for use on his mission to find the missing islands of Kaidan.

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The True Compass

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