The Heart of Grakis

Orcish Artifact


While in its active state, the Heart of Grakis grants the following powers to all orcs, half-orcs and goblinoids within 300 feet of it:

+4 enhancement bonus to Strength, Constitution and Dexterity.
Spell Resistance of +3 per Hit Die of the affected creature.

Aura strong (abjuration, conjuration, transmutation); CL 20th
Slot Necklace; Weight 3 lbs.


Legend and stories have danced in and out of cultures throughout time describing conflicts between gods and mortals. Some of these have spoken of a stone prison fashioned by a god to hold a soul that offended it. It is believed that the Heart of Grakis is one of these stones and the power it radiates is generated by the trapped soul within the amulet.

This onyx talisman is roughly the size and shape of an orcish heart. It has two states, active and inert. While inert, the only thing magical about it is the very faint violet glow that pulses like a heart beat. It also sends out a dull “calling” to all orcs, half-orcs and goblinoids within a 25-mile radius, which will draw them to it. It has been known to call such creatures from even greater distances. The creatures will feel a soft tugging at them in the direction that the amulet resides. They may choose to ignore this feeling or can possibly become accustomed to it, if they aren’t able to reach or activate the amulet.

While in its active state, the Heart of Grakis will seem to be alive as the violet aura visibly pulses like a living heart. The talisman grants a number of powers to all orcs, half-orcs and goblinoids within approximately 300 feet of it. See the crunch section above for these powers.

This item is usually found in its inert state. To activate it, a series of divine Rituals must be completed. Once done, the amulet will remain active for one week. During this time, 1000 living humanoids of any race must be killed within 1000 yards of the talisman. The amulet will also absorb the souls of these dead to fuel its power. If at the end of the week the 1000 souls were not consumed, all souls consumed will be released and the soul of the individual who activated the amulet will be imprisoned in it instead. There is currently no known way to release any soul within the amulet, thus someone who lost his soul this way cannot be brought back to life by any means. If the 1000 souls are drawn into the stone, it will remain active indefinitely, as long as the one who activated it remains alive. Upon his death, it will become inert once more, calling out to another servant to release its powers. If that person is subsequently brought back to life, they must perform the rituals again, as well as collect another 1000 souls.

If the individual who activated the amulet is killed prior to the end of the week, the amulet will absorb his soul and become inert immediately and will remain in that state for the next 100 years.

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The Heart of Grakis

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