A weapon that derives its power from other magical items


This staff fuels itself by magical sources. Magical rings, amulets, ioun stones, or other such items give the wyrdstaff wondrous abilities, but it eventually drains these mystical “batteries.” An item gives the wyrdstaff a number of functions roughly equal to 1 charge per 2,000 gp value.

If the staff has no battery, it operates as a rod of wonder with five charges. When the wyrdstaff is given a battery, it has the following abilities:

Particularly powerful or unique batteries provide a number o charges determined by the DM and give the wyrdstaff additional powers. For instance, the Kirin horn had 30 charges and provided the following abilities:

Caster Level: 15th; Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, color spray, dimension door, globe of invulnerability, prismatic spray; Market Price: 30,000 gp. Weight: 5 pounds.


Current Battery

Horn of the Tentacled Horror Horror horn

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