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  • Skylark Statue

    The Skylark Statue are magical statuettes crafted by the finest sculptors of gold in the realms. They are typically solid gold, with special ores and other additives included which allow for the specific rituals required to enchant the item. A special …

  • The Heart of Grakis

    [[The Tale of Grakis | Legend and stories]] have danced in and out of cultures throughout time describing conflicts between gods and mortals. Some of these have spoken of a stone prison fashioned by a god to hold a soul that offended it. It is believed …

  • Braid of a Hundred Masters

    The first master of the Clouded Path Monastery, Jai Yikun, allegedly knew and trained with the Bodda, during the his mortal life. Shortly before ascending to godhood, Bodda gifted a single strand of his hair to his disciple, telling the monk to draw from …

  • Found Relics

    h4. This is a list of relics and artifacts the party have either discovered themselves, or have heard about through rumors and tales.


    [[Key Items | >>Key Items]]

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