27th Tera, 1332 YS

“To truly be an artist is to be an adventurer of the soul.” — Alyssa Bowman

Beginning a story at the beginning is always a tedious thing to do. I could ramble on about my motivation for taking up a life of uncertainty, but it’s very simple really: My wanderlust is insatiable. I have long felt myself an outcast, and to be entirely truthful, I have come to terms with it. I do not seek to be bound to a particular patch of land, a particular brand of folk, or anything of the particular sort. I long to throw myself at the mercy of the World and soak up whatever I can, that I might enrich the life of a young student, much the way that my mentor did for me.

Such lofty business never starts off so grandly, however. I merely penned the above to remind myself on days — much like today — where there is no place for anything other than the doldrums of officiousness. Today, the order of business was being told that we aren’t in charge of much of anything until we earn the right, and that could be… quite some time. Anyone who would think otherwise would be foolish, but of course the dreams of the soul don’t adhere to the laws of logic.

So after we were handed the rules, we were assigned a team. I think that I will quite like my team. I will quickly admit that I was very reserved — the first part of the day had put somewhat of a damper on my excitement — but I expect that that will quickly return once we get out of this horrible business of hammering home rules and the like.

Group dynamics are going to be fascinating. Our “leader” is the typical hard-as-nails sort that you would expect. It’s clear that she has more of an interest in military affairs than… all else. We also have a jovial Bitori hailing from Cymbria. I find him to be a most knowledgeable and agreeable fellow, and I imagine we will find much in common.

The last two members of our group will be the ones to watch, however. We have a priest from the local realm. And then we have… someone whose talents lie somewhere on the other side of that. She is a bit of an enigma — she speaks in a dialect of Espanish of which I am unfamiliar. Objects seem to respond to her presence in a most peculiar manner… fascinating, really. I have suspicions that the priest will feel otherwise, of course…

Oh, old habits die hard! I am still ever the barkeep — willing to soak up the experiences of others vicariously. Here I am, embarking on a new “job” that will — with hope, anyway — afford me the opportunity to have notable experiences of my own, and yet here I am, dwelling on the actions and histories of others. I shan’t fight it, however. These words may become lucrative someday, as any — perhaps all? — of my companions could prove to have lives worthy of documenting.

Besides, it beats wasting ink about the tedium of this morning’s business. I certainly hope that we are not in for more of that anytime soon, although I’m afraid it is inevitable.

With that, I will conclude for the day. Let’s hope that tomorrow brings something interesting — at the very least, something that will allow me to know my companions further.

~ Falko Glitterndrum, the Anxious

Falko’s Journal

27th Tera, 1332 YS

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