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Description: Answering a post from the Grand Expeditions Project, the adventurers get hired, becoming a new team for this prestigious organization.
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Description: Team 37 is sent on its first mission, to recover a missing statuette, where they discover a deeper and more sinister plot to raise an army of enhanced orc-kin intent on conquering the territory.
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Description: Saving a local museum from an Chuulish artifact, the team is sent after the former Explorer who retrieved the item from deep within a terrifying dark jungle. Once they find their quarry, they are ordered to have him guide them to the source of the cursed idol.
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Description: A Samurai warrior, sent to save his island country from corruption and evil, recruits a diverse and unlikely group of heroes. They consult the great oracle and are given a cryptic message, which leads the on a world-spanning quest.
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Adventure History

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