Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol anwyn Anwyn, Goddess of Home, Hearth and Servants [LG] the Homely, the Blessed, Goodlady, the Fire Keeper, the Plentiful, Lady of the Feast, Giver of Gifts, Smiling Lady, Bright Lady, Heavenly Maiden. Quarterstaff Home, Good, Law, Protection, Fire and Community None (Anwyn has no Holy Warriors)

“Glory be to the servants! Praise to the mothers, toiling in the pre-dawn dark! Hallowed be the wrinkled hands that work lands they own not. For without these hands and their toil, all would cease. Yet they work. They work for love, they work for duty, they work and they sustain us, and they never receive praise. No statues are erected in their name. But in the hearths we build them statues of bread. We pour them offerings of wine and burn the flesh of beasts in their names. Inside the hearths, the least are Kings and Queens, and we sing great songs in their names.”

– High Manciple Tobius Featherboffin, from “How Shall I Know Thee?”

Anwyn: Goddess of the hearth, the home, and contentedness, Anwyn is the youngest of the gods. She is noted for her quiet smile and gentle ways, like her mother, but also for her deep desire to preserve and protect the sanctity of the home, like her father. Anwyn is lawful good and desires a world where simple folk may live in peace. Her mother is Morwyn, her father is Terak and her twin brother is Korak.

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