Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol asmodeus Asmodeus God of Lies, Power and Fire [LE] The Perfect One, King of the Universe, the Great, the Dark Lord, Fire’s Father. Flanged Blades (Any Sword or dagger) Law, Evil, Travel, Trickery and Fire Asmodeus has no Holy Warriors

Asmodeus/Kador: The first creature created by the Nameless One, Kador was given dominion over fire and trusted to give it to all those that came after him. He was corrupted, however, and became convinced that he was the rightful king of the universe. Kador ended up in a war with the gods, resulting in his imprisonment in Hell. He is lawful evil and now goes by the name Asmodeus, the “god” of fire, power, lies, and vengeance. He has a secret alliance with the Three Brothers; as his part of the bargain, he plots to take control of the pillar of fire.

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