Calen's Journal Entry 3

Alynian, the Captain of the Guard, welcomed us and apologized for the actions of his guardswoman. The Captain explained they are overstaffed, but offered to discuss more at the bar, the Grey Sheep.

At Sinael’s Stables, we found our beasts and cart, but learned Khypris had traveled on to Astarin’s Inn. I was surprised to see the elven stable girl could calm Terak. They had went ahead to the inn while I ensured Terak’s peace and calm.

Moving to secure my goods, I met young Douglas, Sinael’s employ, a young lad seeking to become a guard. He was doing a fair job of it, guarding our personal goods in the cart. He spoke of the rarity of the presence of the Great Church when he saw me, due to the supposed fear of the church in the heart of Stahl’s Mayor.

We discussed the lad for some time, before I then traveled to Astarin’s Inn to meet with my compatriots. As soon as I entered, however, I was thought to be some kind of … brigand? It appeared that the previous man of faith in the establishment, a Hawthorne who was a Justiciar of Maal, caused much trouble within its walls. We discerned the lodging and made way to the Grey Sheep for our meeting with Alynian some time later.

While Astarin’s was a poorer home, the Sheep had a wider sort of client, a finer and upscale establishment. We sought Alynian, who had not yet arrived, and were welcomed graciously by the people of the inn, which was a proud and warm place.

Alynian arrived and joined us, speaking to us of the investigation we hold and its predecessor in his own of Wing Faynair and her pupil and their warrior, and how they went missing after their travel to Loedersburg. An investigation was held without answer, but yet it seems a group of bandits have been common on the near roads. Bandits, we learned, that consisted of the native Orcs and their kith and kin.

As we saw to speak more, a dwarf joined to rekindle memories with Dorak, who excused himself for these festivities.

Returning to our talk, Alynian shared troubles with the Orcs. About four years back, Loeder cleared Orcs south of Stahl with the aid of several others. They traveled and slew hordes of them, pushing them back at great risk and cost. As reward, Theonias offered Loeder a knighthood and lordship in the form of Loedersburg. They dispersed the Orcs, however, but never truly eradicated them.

The attacks have increased of late, perhaps the Orcs are unifying, and may have led to these disappearances.

Greensward was recommended as a man to speak to on this matter; he tends to the inn named the Sleeping Gryphon. We found him there, at apparently what was a whore house. His report mentioned that Loeder and Asa both were affected by the loss of the Wings and Talon. Nothing, however, was found on this investigation; an intentional vengeance was suspected by Asa by the Orcs.

We traveled then to the shrine of Urian, as I had the thought to raise the spirits there. I sensed four souls and committed myself to return in the morning to raise them in the way of the Urian faith as best I was able. All four awakened, among them were an older man, a stern woman, and her grandson. As well, was Faynair. The older man had died falling down his stairs; the woman and boy died in a separate attack on a caravan coming from Withridge to Stahl.

Faynair seemed distraught for the absence of her allies, who were likely forever lost unless their bodies themselves could be raised if found. She spoke to us of her events, how she had been traveling through a wooded area when set upon. She felt a pain in her side and saw a bolt in her side. Goblins had struck them. She saw Talon Foster strike out, and Wing Corana was slain with a bolt through her neck, followed briskly by another bolt into Faynair which ended her life. Her soul returned to this shrine, and with no shrine in Loedersburg, it was too far for the others. They were just a day out from Loedersberg, just past the lake, just before the second campsite.

We sought to retrace their steps. In the bridle of our horse as we prepared for travel was a tucked note proclaiming that the Destroyer God would see to our end, apparently. Unhindered by such prophecy, we strove off and arrived at the first campsite. But only after much rough country. The campsite rests beside Lake Stahl, and was a site of some permanence.

We were found in the night. Falco was wounded in their attack as he tried to raise alarm. I awoke to his call, and roused the party quickly to action and we struck back sharply. Dorak routed one and slew another bravely while Falco forced the other to slumber.

Khypris and I pursued the goblin routed by Dorak until we rode it down. Returning, we found that the goblins had all been slain but one, who was let loose in an attempt to track… without the tracker there to do so. They apologized, excusing their actions as ones of good intent and excitement to see the course brought to purpose.

We followed instead of the freed goblin, the path they took to find us; and we discovered indication that they had been led to us by a human hand. We followed the human’s steps to Stahl, and reported the corruption clearly at work that one of its citizens worked with the Orcs for some nefarious purpose, and then returned to our campsite to continue our investigation somewhere more manageable than amongst a city of possible threats.

Calen’s Journal

Calen's Journal Entry 3

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