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Tasari is 5’ 9" tall. Long blonde hair, green eyes. Thin, about 135 lbs. Delicate features that could be male or female… Delicate features that could be male or female… looks to be female at first glance, but upon closer inspection, Tasari seems to have a bit of masculine hardness.

Always dresses in clothing that would suit either gender. Does not expose much skin. There could be breasts, but if so, they’re small. Without removing the loose-fitting clothing, there’s no way to tell.


Tasari of the Gedensay Clan was born and raised in Cymbryll, living in the southeastern part of the region, near the border of the Fey Wood. Tasari’s father was killed during a bandit raid on their camp before Tasari was born. Tasari’s mother died during childbirth. Traditionally, mother and child are separated from the clan (as being “unclean”) for a time. Since there was no mother, a maternal aunt – Savan – stepped in and cared for the child.

But Savan soon discovered that the child was physically “out of balance.” Tasari had been assumed female at birth, for obvious reasons. But one day, while cleaning Tasari, Savan discovered that what everyone had presumed to be female genitalia was not… exactly. Nor was it exactly male. Tasari was neither, and yet both.

Once past puberty, Tasari would become subject to gypsy rules and taboos and would be regarded as “impure.” At such time, Tasari would be subjected to a trial before the clan elders. The best that could be hoped for would be a time of isolation away from the clan before being reinstated. However, she also knew that this “impurity” was severe, which would in all likelihood result in Tasari being cast out from the group permanently.

Savan hated being regarded as “incomplete” for not having a husband. Protecting Tasari, by keeping the “impurity” secret, was her act of rebellion. In truth, keeping the secret when Tasari was young was quite simple. But at puberty, there was a physical change that would be obvious, should anyone catch more than a glimpse of Tasari’s legs, which began to appear scaly, with a slight tinge of green.

Fortunately, traditional gypsy garb for girls would prevent much flesh from being visible. But Savan knew this ruse could not go on indefinitely. In a few short years, the clan would expect Tasari to be wed, and that couldn’t end well for anyone. Savan herself would undoubtedly be expelled from the clan for perpetuating the lie.

So when Tasari was twelve, Savan sat the child down and explained everything. Tasari would have to leave the clan before too much longer, and Savan would make sure the child was prepared to face the world alone.

Magical abilities ran in Savan’s family. She, herself, had some minor talents, and she tried to teach Tasari, only to find that Tasari’s innate abilities far outstripped her own. These, too, would need to be kept hidden from the clan.

Savan had become friends with some of the Cymbrian folk in the area. She persuaded one of the men to train Tasari in the use of a bow and to learn the skills a girl could not learn from the clan. Tasari would frequently leave camp in the wee hours before dawn, when the rest of the clan still slept. Dressed as a boy, Tasari met with the Cymbrian and learned the ways of men.

Upon turning fourteen, Tasari received a gift from Savan – a traditional Gedensay Clan scarf, but one imbued with mystical properties, for those who could activate them. It had been passed down between generations and had belonged to Tasari’s mother. And with that, Tasari left the clan’s camp for the last time and began to wander the world.

Level 12
Sorcerer 12
(Aberrant Bloodline)
CG Medium Humanoid (Gypsy Human)
Init: +2; Senses: Low-Light Vision, Perception +5
AC: 20, touch 15, flat-footed 17 (+3 Bracers of Armor (+3), +0 shield, +2 Dex, +2 Deflection, +2 Natural, +1 Dodge)
hp: 47 (12d6); ip 15 [11+0+4+0; tp 11
Fort: +4, Ref: +8, Will: +7
Defensive Abilities: None
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Quarterstaff +6/+1 (1d6 /x2)
Ranged Longbow +8/+3 (1d8 /x3) range 100
Special Attacks: Burning Spell
STR 10, DEX 15, CON 11, INT 12, WIS 11 (13), CHR 18 (20)
Base Atk +6; CMB +6, ; CMD 21
Feats Dodge, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Burning Spell, Skill Focus (Knowledge: Dungeoneering), Combat Casting, Martial Weapon Proficiency (longbow), Self-Sufficient, Eschew Materials
Skills Acrobatics 7, Appraise 6, Bluff 5, Climb 0, Diplomacy 7, Disguise 5, Escape Artist 2, Fly 2, Heal 8, Intimidate 10, Know Arcana 8, Know Dungeoneering 9, Know Nature 6, Linguistics 4, Perception 5, Profession (Diviner) 7, Ride 2, Sense Motive 5, Spellcraft 15, Stealth 2, Survival 12, Swim 0, Use Magic Device 11
Languages Common, Gypsy, Aklo, Thulish, Norther, Banter, Cymbric, Freespeak
SQ Crossblooded, Abberant Bloodline, Bloodline Arcana
Background Nomad (Gain Self Sufficient Feat, gain Heal, Sense Motive, and Survival)
Traits Blood of Dragons Benefit: You gain low light vision.
Marked by Unknown Forces: Benefit: Sigil on palm – casts Light 3x/day.
Gear Gedensay Clan Gypsy Scarf, Headband of Mental Prowess +2 (CHA/WIS), Amulet of Natural Armor +2, Ring of Protection +2, Cloak of Displacement (minor), Bracers of Armor +3.
Gedensay Clan Gypsy Scarf
Tasari’s Known Spells

LEVEL 0 (9/∞)
Acid Splash
Mage Hand
Read Magic
plus one more

LEVEL 1 (5/7)
Enlarge Person
Feather Fall
Mage Armor
Mirror Strike
True Strike

LEVEL 2 (5/7)
Detect Thoughts
False Life
See Invisibility
Spectral Hand

LEVEL 3 (8/7)
Arcane Sight
Blood Biography
Force Punch
Howling Agony
Strangling Hair
Vampiric Touch
Venomous Snake Swarm

LEVEL 4 (3/7)
Black Tentacles
Dragon’s Breath
Vitriolic Mist

LEVEL 5 (2/6)
Break Enchantment

LEVEL 6 (1/3)



Character Page - Tasari

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