Cian's Journal Entry 1

Report #1

Cian’s Journal

At the Society’s order, I am maintaining this journal to be periodically submitted along with Kypris’s official reports as a supplement to the record. Whoever is reading this, I’m sorry; I’m a mercenary, not a bard. Don’t expect epic prose.

So far, I have high hopes for working well with the team. Father Calen is dependable in a fight, and a good representative of the clergy. Falco seems amiable enough, and very knowledgeable, which will no doubt be a big help. Dorak is squared away, clearly has his head on straight. Not only that, but he’s the kind of comrade anyone should be grateful to have around- fearless and self-sacrificing. I already owe him my life once over. Iz’alma and I haven’t hit it off, I’ll confess. She’s easy on the eyes, certainly, and friendly enough, but… spooky. And a little too inclined to shoot into a fight. For all that, though, she’s certainly touched by the gods somehow, and that’s nothing to look down on.

Kypris is even more squared away than Dorak (which is saying something), and a compelling leader. I’m probably never going to like her- she doesn’t inspire camaraderie- but she definitely leads.

We captured two of the Goblins, one just outside Ladersburg and the other farther down the road to Stahl. The first gave us information that lead us southward, and the second was the only survivor of an attempted ambush. That ambush nearly cost Dorak and me our lives; Maal seems to be in a hurry to question me, it seems, and Dorak took a blow that was meant for me. Thanks to Father Calen, though, we live on to fight another day. The second Goblin, when given motivation, told us how to find a sub-commander of his kind, and we sit now preparing to make an assault on the bandits’ lair.

Hopefully the statue we seek will be there.

What we have found so far includes a bulging sack of copper coins, the equipment of the humanoid bandits we’ve slain, and one magical javelin. I’m holding onto the javelin at present, and will turn it in at the end of the mission as per standing orders.

Cian's Journal Entry 1

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