Cian's Journal Entry 5

Report filed from Porto Mavros-

We arrived in Porto Mavros under less-than-ideal circumstances; my companions and I were forced to leave Juisse as wanted criminals due to Diego Malaguarda’s meddling. You already know this, of course, but it would be best to keep it in mind for future reference. Until we can clear up what happened (which won’t happen soon, thanks to the unfairness of Juissan law), we’d best be assigned to tasks outside that country.

We hadn’t been in the city more than an hour when a pressgang from one of the many pirate ships in the harbor decided we looked like a likely set of “recruits.” They had numbers on us, but being sailors rather than fighting men, they found out quickly that they’d chosen the wrong group to press. Their leaders were willing to sell their lives cheaply, though, and we were forced to spill a lot of blood before they broke and ran. What with there being no law in the city, there’s no legal consequence, but I fear we may have made (more) enemies. On the upside, I can report that we’ve cohered more as a team, and the fight reinforced that we can operate in unison when called on to do so. Our newest member, Qasim, is a valuable addition, and despite his being an unbeliever I think he’s going to fit in well.

Our contact, the Vermani Zomos, has been very engaging and welcoming. I have to confess that despite his charm and the fact I like him, I can’t quite bring myself to trust him. He just seems too slick. Well, that and he’s a walking rat; I know he left the Society on good terms, but my instinctive response is a knee-jerk distrust I can’t shake. I hope he’ll prove me wrong.

We have at this point obtained lodgings and are preparing to continue our hunt for the madman. More information to follow.

Cian’s Journal

Cian's Journal Entry 5

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