City of Montaigne

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Although the city is built upon a hill, its name is derived from the great Juisse hero, Gaston du Chevardre, who was the general that led the charge of the final battle in the War of the Standard. Gaston was a huge man, legends say that he towered over all men on the battlefield, and was so large that he could sit no horse without breaking its back. He was known as Montaigne, or Mountain. It was in his honor that this city is named, and a great bronze statue of the man can be seen to this day in Montaigne Park. The statue is mighty, and it is a mighty task for the city workers to scrub clean the huge statue, which becomes regularly slathered with the excrement of the hundreds of pigeons who rest upon his mighty back. There is now a local ordinance in place forbidding the feeding of the birds in the park, punishable by a severe fine, or laborious menial labor on the highway crews if such fines cannot be paid.


Province of the Four Corners
Castle Montaigne
Cathedral of Impeccable Blessings
Orphanage and Chapel of the Five Fruits
Lucky Dice Tavern

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City of Montaigne

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