City of Porto Mavros

This city is a relatively lawless pirates den. It is loosely governed by the South-Seas Alliance. It is the last port of call in the Crimson Seas before embarking for points south, such as Chuul. Porto Mavros, for all its seeming danger, is a relatively safe port, even if the Alliance overtaxes those ships sailing into Westport.

The city spans the land bridge that connects two larger portions of the island. Westport is accessible from the north, and Eastport from the south. Eastport is less regulated, and is the port most of the Alliance affiliates frequent. Most non-alliance sea traffic is escorted to Westport by the relatively strong fleet of the Porto Mavros South-Seas Alliance.

The following are known inns:

  • The Sable Table – a well-to-do establishment.
  • The Golden Sextant – where pirate captains frequent, upscale.
  • The Four Corners Inn – A rough establishment located at the infamous ‘four corners’, the intersection of the four major roads (and boroughs) of Porto Mavros.

There is an abandoned Explorer’s Society lodge located on the hilltop district. It is currently being restored and reactivated by the now Venture Captain of the Porto Mavros Lodge, Zomos Vistis. Below the lodge proper is a secret shelter, which holds at least 4 portals used by the Society (when they have wizards present to activate them).

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City of Porto Mavros

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