Description: PCR standard cleric except as follows:

Cleric1Regions: Clerics hail from most regions of the world.

The Phthyan Empire has its own style of priesthood, and clerics to deities other than the Olympians are considered heretical.

Initiate: You have proven yourself to both your church and your god, undertaking the Ritual of Initiation. This is a sacred bond, and cannot lightly be undone. Usually breaking the tenets of the church or displeasing your deity may result in the severing of the initiation ties, which strips you of your connection with your deity. This ritual may be performed anew, given appropriate atonement, etc.

Recharge: In addition to the normal requirements for the daily preparing of spells, clerics gain benefits when they recharge their spells at a holy shrine, temple or cathedral.

Ritual Magic: Divine Ritual is a class skill. Clerics may learn ritual magic. To do so they must purchase ranks in the Divine Ritual skill, which is a class skill for them.

Clerics of the Free Kingdoms, and many other parts of the world, worship the Lords of Heaven, either individually or as a pantheon. Such believers gain the following:

Sense Spirits: Clerics, when in a shrine, temple or cathedral to their god, have the ability to sense the presence of all spirits of the dead who have congregated there. The cleric is unable to differentiate between the different spirits present.

Ceremony of Life: All clerics, upon initiation into their order, gain knowledge and the ability to perform the Ceremony of Life, a 5 minute ceremony where the bodies of any and all dead spirits reform. At the end of the ceremony, the spirit reforms a body with a new Gift.

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