Coatl's Journal Entry 2

Such a glorious day! The highlight of our journey has been the encounters had.

Last Eve, we were attacked by the most unusual of creatures. They were somewhat similar to spiders, yet they had mandibles and tails like scorpions… They looked much like a spider/scorpion cross breed, perhaps a “camel spider” that one gentleman in Bloodeye told tale of.

It’s unfortunate that none of my traveling companions could provide more information, as I appear to be the most skilled — and likely only one inclined to care — to identify such marvelous creatures. Naturally, we had to fend them off, but I did feel bad for them afterwards. I shall take ink to my flesh to commemorate them, and will likely use some space on this page to sort out the artistic studies.

The following morning, we were beset upon by the most amazing magical swarm. At first, they appeared as a shimmer in the distance, fortunately giving me ample time to take to the air and unleash my mastery of fire and earth. These brilliant — blindingly so — beautiful creatures were only slightly fazed by that which leaves most mortals crushed and badly injured. They soared effortlessly through an obfuscating cloud of ash, although that was merely an attempt to delay as I rained Earth and Fire upon them. Majestic creatures, and it was with sorrow that I fought them. They clearly had no pity for us.

I have been spending much time with my boa lately, and it seems he has taken to my bond. I share with him my secrets, like I did his predecessor. It only seems fitting that I find a name for him, yet I feel that perhaps it is too soon. Having seen the way that Dusky suffered with her loss, I am discouraged from forming such an intimate bond.

Seems strange, but my abilities seem to extend to most any creature, yet I prefer the beautiful boa. Such power and nobility, and the ability to quietly withhold…Surely some we have encountered could learn much from a magnificent constrictor.

I have waxed on long enough, and I’m afraid that my storytelling is weak at best. Putting pen to paper is still a strange experience, and I fear that my mastery of storytelling in this format is subpar. Nonetheless, these words are for my own edification.

I shall relax now with some sketching, and prepare my flesh for tattooing.

Camel spider
Coatl’s Journal

Coatl's Journal Entry 2

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