Comitia Magi

The Comitia Magi is a body of retired magistrates and magi who are elected to propose laws concerning magic in the Empire. It is also concerned with ensuring that proposed candidates from all walks of life are given the chance to attend the Scholae Magorum, or magic schools. In practice they often do the will of the Senate and few plebs gain the rank of magus. This has a little to do with prejudice and more to do with the level of exposure that the plebs have to people who could recognize the potential for magical talent.

The Comitia Magi is also responsible for appointing the Quaestor Magi, who are responsible for recruiting citizens into the Legio Magorum and the Scholae Magorum. Although they are supposed to draw from all ranks of Phthyans, in practice they favor the patricians. This is not to paint a bleak picture though, as a plebeian who exhibits talent will be inducted into a Schola Magi. The shortage of talented families is chronic within the Empire. This is a point that the Emperor always makes to the Senate in terms of the Legions’ need for such individuals. The much more common route, if the family can afford it, is to school their children privately then send them into the very lucrative Artificers Guild. This is no guarantee that the magus will not be drafted into the Legions but it is likely that the citizen will be allowed their pursuits since the Empire also needs magic equipment.

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Comitia Magi

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