Condottieri Regale

CondottieriCondottieri (singular condottiero and condottiere) are the mercenary soldier leaders (or warlords) of the professional, military free companies contracted by the Eastern city-states and the Church. Condottiero means “contractor”, and is synonymous with the Midrealm title Mercenary Captain, which, historiographically, does not connote the hired soldier’s nationality.

In contemporary Latalian, “condottiero” has acquired the broader meaning of “military leader” (e.g., not restricted to mercenaries).

In Venchenzia they have taken on a significant role, for the added title of Regale denotes they are blooded of a high-born family, specifically ‘hired’ into service and are considered the highest legal authority. Some hold the title of Cavalieri (knight), but many are not. This title and position was created to channel the unruly energetic youths of the city, taking them from courtyard duels (illegal on the three islands), and giving their lives purpose.

These men are well trained in the use of arms. They are the elites, and in Venchenzia, they are called into play only when the dottari cannot handle a situation. It is known that the Condottiere Regale have little patience, and that trials and imprisonment being costly, many of their charges do not survive the initial confrontation with the energetic and zealous men.




Condottieri Regale

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