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This page will become more detailed as the world is defined.

The Free Kingdoms

By edict of the Grand Council, all nations of the Free Kingdoms shall officially accept all coins of the Free Mint of Montaigne as the Free Kingdoms standard. Local regulations determine which other coins shall be accepted as currency. Only the Midrealm has adopted the Free Standard Coin as their official currency.

Province of the Four Corners: The Royal Standard (10gp), The Free Crown (1gp), The Silver Shilling (1sp), The Copper Pence (1cp)
Cymbryll: The Free Crown (1gp), The Cymbric Crown(1.5gp), The Thaler (5sp), The Bronze Sceat (1/2cp)
Espagia: The Free Crown (1gp), The Royal Doublon (1.6gp = 16 reales), The Dolar (also called peso de ocho [piece of eight] and the Eight-real) (8sp), The Four Reales (4sp), The Two Reales (2sp), The Real (1sp) and the Half-Real (5cp)
Ironfast: TBA
Juisse: The Free Crown (1gp), The Juissic Royal (also called The Eagle) (2gp), The Jou (1sp), The Centime (1cp)
Midrealm: The Royal Standard (10gp), The Free Crown (1gp), The Silver Shilling (1sp), The Copper Pence (1cp)
The Providences: TBA
Realm of the East: TBA
North Westerlands: TBA
South Westerlands: TBA

Phthyan Empire

The Empire uses several denominations of coins and most are copper plated with the precious metal. The more common materials (copper) are stamped of that material. Imperial money is quite durable and has become common throughout the civilized world and beyond. Imperial coins can be found as far away as the Jade Empire of Mung-Li, Afrika and the Northland Kingdoms. Although there were issues when the plated coins were first introduced, the public and merchants have settled into the use of the coins. The military is still often paid in solid gold coins called Solidus.

The Imperial As has become quite unpopular and has drifted in and out of use. Its current incarnation is made of orichalcum (a copper/zinc alloy) as are the sestertii and dupondii. Many of the coins of the Empire have suffered a similar fate, going out of circulation then returning. The ones listed below have returned to use in Julian’s time and have been in use for 300 years.

Imperial gold Soldus (5gp/5 gold Aurei) 30/lb, Imperial gold Aureus (1gp/25 dinarii) 60/lb, Imperial silver Dinarius (4cp/4 Sesterii) 120/lb, Imperial brass Sestertius (2cp/2 Dupondi) 20/lb, Imperial brass Dupondius (1 cp/2 Asses) 40/lb, Imperial copper As (1/2 cp/2 Semisses) 40/lb, Imperial copper Semis (1/4 cp) 140/lb

Rus Nations

Carpathia: The Silver Kopek [=10 Grivnas](1.5gp), The Silver Grivna [1/2 oz ingot or coin, =20 Dengas](1.5sp), Silver Denga [=20 puls](.7.5cp), Copper Pul (.375cp or 2.6 cp to 1 pul).

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Currency of the World

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