Dorak - Fe Giant

Hello Grandpa,

Well, the Aspis scum weren’t entirely traitorous.

The Aspis witch was, true to form, hidden and snuck in, and took the opportunity to sow chaos and attack us at the most opportune – for her – moment. May her familiar poison her and she suffer a painful and slow death.

However, we first ventured into the Azlanti ruins… which was only possible due to my keen dwarven senses.

There were ancient Azlanti within. Well, ancient Azlanti and four giant statues covered with tons of runes…

Iz had decided the roomful of statues was a good time to read her cards, so as the Azlanti attacked, she was focused on her reading.

Our weapons were partially ineffective, and with our cleric friend out tending to the wounded, their undead ethereal forms were quite effective at weakening us.

Indeed, their cold touch hurt Smriti quite a lot, the weak Coatl made weaker, and even I was weakened.

After we finished the last of them, we ventured forward, and we found six sacred swords.

I took one, as did our Kaidanese friend, but Zomos, the rat faced scoundrel, took half of the lot in his bag of holding.

We came to a nook which held a box. Figuring the box was the key to the mystery, I picked it up, having checked for traps along the way.

I picked it up, and we went out, and just about at that point, a boulder came crashing through the wall, rolling down towards the odd glowing orb.

At that point, I fell asleep, and when my eyes opened, I was one of the statues.

I don’t know that I can give justice to what it was like… the power, the sense of a mission, the clarity and urgency of what I was tasked to do and what I was about to do.

Sadly, I did not slay the giant monkey demon which attacked us… it escaped, despite the efforts of myself, my team, and even the Aspis scum with who had used that cursed lance against us.

And with the escape, my mission over for the moment, I awoke as myself, and the giant retreated.

Most of us were gravely wounded, and a monkey shaman woman was retreating with a tiger that attacked Smriti… thankfully, Zomos did manage to allow us to slay her.

That was the battle… the victory was not so grand, but I will write more of how we parted ways next time.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Fe Giant

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