Dorak - Fracas in the Temple

Dear Grandpa,

Well, the good news is we found the traitor and we didn’t fall prey to his deceptions.

Ah may not have mentioned, but Jamal was searching for potions of Alter Self.

While that tidbit wasn’t important at th’ time, when there were several eyewitnesses to lay the blame to the innkeeper, rather than the more likely suspect of Rhin, it did help to cut short the red herring, and it was Falko who most certainly spoke of the workings of that potion.

Unfortunately, while we knew him to be guilty, we could not find proof, so when we went to inquire, and were ignored a second time, he did get a chance to escape justice due to not wanting to appear a vigilante group.

That he sought asylum in the temple where Laeder lay is bad. That he nearly killed Lady Aislyn is worse. That Fossie healing her kept her from losing a gift is only minor comfort.

In the end, cornered like the rat he was, both Iz and Ah worked quite a bit of his life away, while Falko helped inspire me with the alchemists flasks.

Cian was of little help, having been so upset by the workings of Lady Aislyn’s mind, and Ah was nearly outside the temple with him about it.

As a forfeit, Ah now have his fancy rapier, and there’s to be an assault with the help of Zelick on the orcish stronghold, but that remains a challenge to be certain.

Wish us luck,


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Dorak - Fracas in the Temple

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