Dorak - Mission's End

Dear Grandpa,

Well, the good news is tha’ I’ve made a decent sum of gold all told.

Less than is expected for one of my skill, but not less on average than the group.

Nor more than average, save for the father, for the usual reasons. Don’t go gettin’ thoughts in your head!

Ah get ahead of myself, talking about things that are often on my mind.

Ah was not well. The feast in our honor was a blur, and Ah came down with a terrible sickness and headache soon thereafter.

Unfortunately, it spread, and while Ah survived thanks to Fossie, the townsfolk were in dire straits, even with his and Aesa’s aid.

To that end, Falko and Iz and Cian set off to get greater healing, but Falko felt poorly, so Iz and Cian went ahead alone, and nearly lost a gift. They did lose their items to some ogres.

We fought that same group of ogres once the disease left me. The disease was cruel and a good final attack upon the people of Laedersburg, but Ah don’t believe anyone permanently passed on, praise be.

We couldn’t stop the ogres from killing a little girl from their hostages, but we did rescue the hostages and recovered our friend’s goods.

In that effort, we had some help. It seems Varisia has returned, and she appears to have some fondness for the group. While it is a sad life she has led, she is not (perhaps) without redemption.

Falko and Cian seem to have taken on a ward, though in the end, they sent her to Fosseway Keep. It is for the best, and hopefully, she will find beauty in life and less vengeance and machinations than she’s known to this point.

Fossie has left us. His disagreements about Iz and her nature weren’t all that called him away. More family troubles of the sort that had his brother in the wrong hands earlier.

Ah will miss him, but Ah hope to see him again one day.

Ah will try to keep busy, using skills for legal profit, but Ah do not know how Ah will spend the time until we are called upon again.

Ah hope you and mah fool brother are well.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Mission's End

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